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Bite BeautyAmuse Bouche Lipstick

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The Coca-Cola Co Stock
Current Price: $45.01 May 4, 2016

KO Short Put @ 43 Jun 17, 2016 1 contract => $0.38 Cost $0.71 00:52:05
KO Put @ 40 Jun 17, 2016 1 contract => $0.11 Cost $0.74 00:54:35

Premium collected = 100 x ($0.38 – $0.11) = $27 – $0.71 – $0.74 = $25.55

Maximum profit $25.55

Maximum risk = $43 – $40 = $3 x 100 = $300
$300 – $25.55 = $274.45

Return over Risk = $25.55 / $274.45 x 100% = 9.31%

or you will own KO stock at the cost of $42.74 which is 5.04% lower than the current cost of $45.01

To establish the trade, you need $274.45 margin available
To own the stock potentially, you need $4274 cash/margin available
Outcome date: June 17, 2016, 44 days
Earning date: Jul 20, 2016 Q2 2016 Coca-Cola Co Earnings Release (Estimated) – 9:30AM EDT

Trade initiated on May 4, 2016 for $25.55 max. profit




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